Grand Theft Auto 4 Pc Download Free Full Version Game Highly Compressed Torrent

Grand Theft Auto 4 Pc Download Free Full Game

GTA 4 Pc Download Highly Compressed: an action, adventure and fighting pc game. It is also one of the most famous game today. Rockstar Games developed GTA 4 Highly Compressed For Pc.  And also Rockstar Games published GTA 4 Free Download For Pc worldwide. Grand Theft Auto 4 Highly Compressed is the 11th main entry in the Grand Theft Auto Video Game Series. Furthermore, the game is set in fictional places of Liberty City which is based in New York City. GTA 4 Pc Game Free Download Full Version allow both single-player gameplay mode as well as the multiplayer gameplay.

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Download GTA 4 Game Free Full Highly Compressed For Android Pc

GTA 4 Pc Game Free Download Release Date

GTA 4 Pc Download Full Game Version release date worldwide is 29 April 2008. On 29 April 2008 GTA IV Pc Download Full Version Highly Compressed released for PlayStation 3 and GTA 4 Xbox 360. In North America, GTA 4 Pc for Microsoft Windows released on 2 December 2008.

GTA 4 Pc Gameplay

GTA IV Download For Pc gameplay is an action, adventure and fighting video game. The players have to complete mission during the GTA 4 Highly Compressed Pc Game Gameplay. Players also explore the open world and can complete the optional side missions.

Players start the game by just exploring the first island which named Dukes and Broker. All the other islands on the map unlocked as the player progress through. GTA IV Pc Download Free features melee attacks, firearms and different explosive which players use during their fights against different enemies during their missions. The players can run, jump, swim and also can drive different in-game vehicles for different purposes.

GTA IV Free Download Full Version For Pc also features auto-aim and cover system for the players to use against enemies. Law enforcement comes into action if they find the player in any criminal activity. It indicated by the Wanted Meter in the head up display. The players can use body armor for their safety against gunshots or explosive used by the enemy.

In GTA IV Pc Download Highly Compressed Game single player mode player take the control as Niko Bellic who is a war veteran from Eastern Europe. Niko meets various in-game characters and he makes some of them as his friends who help.

GTA IV Pc Download Online Multiplayer mode allowing up to 32 players to join the game. The players have the choice to choose the game mode to play. The player can choose deathmatches or the street races. After completing the missions the players awarded in-game money which improves the player ranks and level ups. A Free Mode also available for the players to explore the game map. For Full GTA 4 Gameplay Walkthrough Guide, you must visit GTA 4 Youtube.

GTA IV Pc Download Highly Compressed Game Reviews

GTA IV Pc Highly Compressed Game received universal acclaim according to the review aggregator Metacritic. Metacritic awarded GTA 4 Free Download For Pc Highly Compressed a score of 98/100. While IGN Awarded points to GTA 4 Free Download Android APK is 10/10.

Grand Theft Auto IV Free Download For Pc Highly Compressed Game received many game awards. It wins Game of The Year awards from Spike Tv, Giant Bomb, Kotaku and Game Trailers.

GTA 4 Pc Game Free Download Highly Compressed sold 3.6 million copies during its first 24 hours. In a week it received revenue of over US $500 million worldwide. GTA 4 Game Download sold approximately 25 million copies till July 2013.

GTA IV System Requirements

Here are the details of GTA IV Pc System Requirements.

  • OS                   Windows-Vista (SP-1), Windows-7, Windows-XP (SP-3)
  • CPU                Intel Core 2 Duo @ 1.8 GHz And AMD Athlon X2-64 @ 2.4 GHz
  • RAM              1 GB RAM Required
  • Free Disk      16 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Video Card   NVIDIA 7900+ @ 256 MB, And ATI X1900+ @ 256 MB

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