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Elex Pc Download

Elex Pc Download: a sci-fi, action role-playing robotic game. Piranha Bytes developed Elex Free Download. Elex pc game Torrent is published worldwide by THQ Nordic. In Elex Pc Download the players join the war for the power resources named ELEX. Elex gives peoples mysterious and magical powers. Meanwhile, the game world consists of sci-fictional places and players use guns, swords, and magic to defeat their enemies. It features single-player gameplay mode for the players.

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Download Elex Pc Game Free Full Pc

Elex Download For Pc Release Date

Elex Pc Download initial release date is 17 October 2017. It is released as Elex PS4, Elex Xbox One and Elex for pc Microsoft Windows version. And Elex Trailer released on Elex Youtube and praised by the game lovers.

Elex Download Free Pc Gameplay

Download Free Elex Pc Game set in a fictional world named Magalan advanced in technology, well civilized and population in billions. The players play Elex Free Download Pc played from a third-person perspective. Gameworld features different characters, creatures, deep moral choices and powerful actions. The player joins the war over a powerful resource with magical powers but turns them into different cold creatures. Elex Pc Torrent Download Characters featured in the game are a total of 175 characters in different categories. These characters feature some main characters like Elex Bertram, Elex Orik, Elex Caja and Elex Clerics.

Elex Game Armors

Elex armors featured in the game to protect head, neck, body, leg, and hands. Acolyte Helmet, Acolyte Armor, Acolyte Pants, Berserker’s Ring, Adventure’s Amulet and Warriors Amulet.

Elex Game Characters and Factions

There are four different categories characters featured in Elex Torrent. These are companions, factions, traders, and trainers. Elex Download For Android Mobiles Factions featured in the game features six different categories. These are Albs, Berserkers, Clerics, Factions Missions, Outlaws, and Separatists. While Elex Torrent Companions also features eight different categories. These are Arx, Companions, CRONY U4, Caja, Duras, Falk, Nasty and Ray.

Elex Pc Game Abilities

There are also many Elex Pc Game Free Download Full Version Abilities available for the players which can be used for survival, personality or combat purposes.

Elex Game Creatures

The creatures featured in Elex Highly Compressed players have to fight with them and defeat them to win more resources. Elex Pc Game Creatures as an enemy which a player face are 42 and each of them has their own unique abilities.

Elex Apk Download Map

The planet of Maglan has a wide area based on different continental locations, cities, ruins, and regions. Meanwhile, Elex Teleport Map consist the main places like Abessa. On the other hand, Edan, Ignadon, Tavar, and Xacor. Every region has many locations in it.

Elex Game Download Mission

Elex Mission available in the main story. However, The campaigns available in Elex Torrent along with main mission features companion missions, Berserker Missions. On the other hand, Cleric Missions, Outlaw Missions, Abessa and different other places.

Elex Free Download Weapons

The weapons featured as Elex Weapons are divided into ten categories. Meanwhile, These categories One-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, Ammunitions, Energy Weapons, Guns, Heavy Weapons, Magic Weapons, Melee Weapons, Ranged Weapons, and spells.

Elex Pc Game Reviews

According to Metacritic Elex Reviews received generally mixed or average from the critics. Meanwhile, The critics mostly criticized the Elex Story, unresponsive controls and combat mechanics. On the other hand, Gamespot awarded Elex Torrent a score of 7.3/10. Meanwhile IGN gave the points 4.9/10.

Elex Pc System Requirements
  • OS                 Windows-8 And Windows-7 Or Windows-10
  • CPU               Intel Core i5 2.5GHz Or above and AMD Phenom II x4 940 3.0GHz
  • Free Disk     20 GB Free Hard Disk And Above Required
  • RAM              6 GB RAM Required
  • Video Card  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 And AMD Radeon HD 5870 1GB VRAM

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