PUBG Free Download Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game Torrent

PUBG Free Download Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game Torrent

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PUBG Free Download Full Pc Mobile Game

PUBG Free Download For Pc: online multiplayer battle royale shooting game. The PUBG Corporation published this game worldwide. PUBG Torrent game is based on several previous fighting and shooting gameplay mods created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown”. In PUBG Highly Compressed Pc Game one hundred players land on an island by parachute and kill others with weapons and try to avoid killing themselves. The game is also known as Playerunknown’s Battle Grounds. The game achieved huge success in the year 2018 till 2020 with playing millions of players daily online using different servers. On the other hand, developers also make due changes to the game to make the gameplay experience more and more attractive for the players.

PUBG Free Download Full Version Pc Game Torrent Highly Compressed For Mobile Apk Lite
Download PUBG Free Pc Highly Compressed Lite Mobile Game
PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds Download Full Pc Game Mobile Apk Mode Release Date

PUBG Download Pc game Full Version released for Microsoft Windows Via Steam’s early access beta program in March 2017. Release Date Pc is 20 December 2017. While Release Date PS4 and Release Date Xbox are 12 December 2017. A few months later Tencent Games released For Android and For iOS in China. Later developers added a lot of new content to the game like new places on the maps, new advanced weapons, new collectibles, special rewards as well as new character customization elements through later updates. These patches contain season pass as well as updated versions. The latest updates to the game called the “Console Update Patch Note 7.3”. It focused on new armor vehicles as well as new explosive weapons and materials to improve the fighting experience on the battlefield of this game.

PUBG Pc Android Mobile Lite Gameplay

PUBG Free Full Version Highly Compressed Pc Game features player versus player action fighting, shooting, survival and gather elements gameplay. In Xbox Gameplay players compete in various maps with up to one hundred fighters who fights in a battle royale. It can be called a large scale last man standing deathmatch where the players fight to remain alive till the last. Game PS4 Gameplay players have the choice to enter the game solo or with a small team of up to four players. In both case s, the last team or last player left alive will win the match.

PUBG Free Download Full Version Pc Game Torrent Highly Compressed For Mobile Apk Lite
PUBG Free Download Full Pc Highly Compressed Game Torrent

PUBG Download For PC Gameplay starts with the players parachuting on to a map area. The area is nearly 8 x 8 kilometers in size. Once the players land they search for buildings and other sites to find weapons, vehicles, armor and other equipment to fight. By killing the other players who are already equipped player can get these weapons. PUBG Xbox Gameplay opts the player to either the play from the first-person or third-person perspective. Each perspective has own advantages and disadvantages.

In PS4 Gameplay the playable area of the map shrink in every few minutes. After this the players who are outside the area they take damage. The player also eliminated if they do not enter in the safe zone in time. In Gameplay during the match different regions of the map highlighted in red and bombed and the players in this area took the damage. Gameplay a full gameplay level or round nearly takes nearly 30 minutes to complete each time. When around completed the players get in-game currency based on how long the player survive and how many other players he killed and how much damage they make to other players. After a team win a round on the battlefield map they organise a chicken party with other friends to enjoy their win.PUBG Youtube Gameplay.

Added Console Updates And Improvement Packs In PUBG Game In Year 2021

After the initial release till now, the PUBG game has a ton of improvements and elements added through different updates from the year 2017 till the year 2020. And now in the year 2021 developers also making essential updates and changes to make the game more entertaining for PUBG Game lovers. Likewise, on 06 January 2021 the update for the PUBG Game launched with the title of “PUBG Patch Note Update 10.2”. In this, the players now can play with the teams in a tournament of one week with tons of other new maps, weapons, elements, and rewards.

Later on 18 January 2021 the live streaming Maintainance schedule released for fixing bugs and adding new elements. The next update launched on 01 February 2021 named as “PUBG Update Patch Notes 10.3”. It provides additional content as well as makes improvements to the previously added game element’s performance. The newly added feature is the sound system adjustment for the weapons as well as the map improvements for the Karakin.


More Improvements Made In PUBG Mobile Pc Gameplay Features

At the beginning, it was just made for fun and gaming entertainment purposes. But with the time passing PUBG Download For Pc Game becomes a part of everyone’s life in their entertainment time. So the developer made several changes to the gameplay mechanics during several Updates made later on different dates. There are several new weapons added in the game which the players can use in their campaigns and can switch between them at any time of the game. The update weapons now include.

  • Flare Gun                         Sickle                                  Smoke Grenades
  • P-1911 Pistol                   SKS Rifle                              SCAR-L Rifles
  • CrossBow                         AWM Rifle                          DP-28 Machine Gun
  • S-1817 Shot Gun             Micro UZI Machine Gun     1894 Winchester Model Rifle
  • Magnum Ammo-300       Machete                             Frag Grenades
  • 9-MM Pistols                    S 12K Shotgun                   M-249 Light Machine Gun
  • Karabiner-98 Rifles           Tommy ShotGuns              MK-14 EBR Rifles
  • Groza Rifles                       12 Gauge Ammo               The Crow Bar
  • Molotov Cocktails             Skorpion Pistols                 Sawed Off Shotguns
  • Bizon PP-19 Shot Gun       VSS Vintorez Rifles            MK 47 Mutant Rifles
  • M-134 Mini Guns               M3-E1 A Guns                   Rocket Launcher RPG-7
  • MGL Grenade Launcher     M-79

PUBG All Gameplay Key Modes Added In The Game Updates

  • Solo Mode                         Solo FPP Mode                  Duos Mode
  • Duos FPP Mode                 Squad Mode                      FFA Mode
  • Squads FPP Mode              Training Mode                   PUBG Partners
  • Zombie Mode                     War Mode                         Conquest Mode
  • Events Mode                       5V5 Mode                          Street Fight Mode
  • Infection Mode                    Recall Game Mode            PlayLoad Mode

PUBG Game For Pc Maps

Maps are the playable area where the players clash with each other and use different in-game weapons, vehicles, and different other war tactics to survive and kill as many enemies as he can. Currently, the included maps contain

  • Erangel. the Russian Map
  • Miramar, The Central American Map
  • Vikendi, The Snow Map Of Adriatic Map
  • Sanhok, Forest Map of South East Asia
PUBG For Pc Map Eragel

This map features some of the Russian locations which include the areas like grass, urban, sea and woodland areas. The total size of the map exists on 8×8, meanwhile, as the game progress, the map shrinks and get smaller and smaller. The main cities included in Eragel are Geogopol, Novorepnoy, Pochinki and Yasnaya Polyana.On the other hand, some minor cities also included which are Gatka, Kameski, Lipovka, Mylta, Primorsk, Rozhok, Stalber and Zharki.

Maps Of PUBG
PUBG For Pc Map Miramar

Miramar in PUBG Mobile contains an area of 8×8 which exist on the plain desert, rural areas as well as the sea. Meanwhile, the featured major cities are Chumacera, El Pozo, La Cobreria, Los leones, Valle Del, Monte Nuevo and San Martin. On the other hand, many minor cities also included like Cruz Del Velle, El Azahar, Impala, Los Higos, Pecado, Puerto Paraiso, Tierra Bronca and Torre Ahumada.

Miramar PUBG Mobile Game Map
PUBG Mobile Lite Vikendi

Another interesting as well as challenging PUBG Mobile Lite map included named Vikendi. It features the areas like mountains, seas and snowy places with the area of 6×6. The major cities added in Vikendi PUBG Mobile Mod Apk consists Dobro Mesto, Goroka, Podvosto And Volnova. On the other hand, the minor cities contain Abbey, Cantra, Krichas, Milnar, Movatra, Pilnec, Peshkova, Tovar, Trevno, Vihar and Zabava. However there are many hidden areas also included in Vikendi map, like caves. Meanwhile, the major landmarks include Dino park, Castle, Cement Factory, Cosomodrome, Hot Spring, Villa, Lumber Yard, Mount Kreznic, Port, Sawmill and Winery.

Vikendi PUBG Mobile Lite Maps
PUBG Mobile Apk Mode Map Sanhok

The map contains 4×4 land locations and the smallest in the PUBG Mobile Lite Apk Mode Download Free. The major cities included in Sanhok contains Ban Tai, Camp Alpha, Camp Bravo, Camp Charlie, Ha Tinh, Khao and Pai Nann. On the other hand, landmarks included contains caves, bhan, bootcamp, docks, lakawi, mongnai, na khan, resort, tambang and quarry.

Map Sanhok For PUBG Mobile Apk Lite Mode

PUBG Game Download For Pc Reviews

The game PUBG Lite Pc Free Download Game Torrent Reviews received generally favorable reviews despite of its errors on pc according to review aggregator Metacritic. Bluehold released statistics for the first four months of release that showed that over ten million rounds of game have been played. The game has shown popular in South Korea Pc Bangs analysis firm Gametrics reported that it has surpassed Overwatch and became the second mostly playing game in the country till the August 2017. By November 2017 more than half of the Steam playing of this game users were from China region.

Reviews on Steam get 6/10 and Common Sense Media give 4.2/5. So, Metacritic awarded the game PUBG For Pc version with 87/100 rating points. On the other hand, it gives PS3 version a score of 75/100. However, Metacritic awarded Xbox One version with 85/100 and iOS mobile version with 83/100 points. GameSpot awarded the PUBG For Pc Game with 8.5/10 points. Meanwhile, IGN awarded The Game with perfect rating points of 9.5/10. On the other hand, some critics criticize the technical problem and errors of the Game and want to know how to fix the errors and problems of Game.

PUBG Game Download Free For Pc Android Sale

At its release, PUBG Game Download Highly Compressed For Android Mobiles generated over the US $ 11 million just in the first week of its release with selling over one million copies worldwide. However, the estimated sale for the month of April collects over 34 Million US $. Therefore PUBG Pc Torrent become the top 10 highest selling games of the month in April.

One big achievement of the game is that it sold over thirty million copies worldwide till the end of the year 2017. At PUBG For Mobile Phones version release, Game gets more famous and at its release over one hundred million downloads recorded till August 2018. Which become more and more and reached 225 million till the month of October 2018. Pc Game Download For Android Mobiles become the most playing video game in the country of China. It also becomes the most popular online game in India. After every Lite Mobile Update Latest version the sale increased for the game.

PUBG Pc Game Download Free Awards

PUBG Highly Compressed has reached the top of the most playing and the most famous video games of all time. It nominated for many game awards at different publications. In the year 2017 it won “Best Multiplayer Game Award” and “Pc Game Of The Year Award” at 35th Golden Joystick Awards. Meanwhile, at The Game Awards 2017, it also won “Best Multiplayer Game Award”.

Most importantly, there is a long list of the nominated for awards for the game in Year 2018. Meanwhile, at DICE Awards 2018 it won “Best Action Game Of The Year Award”. And “Outstanding Achievement In Online Gameplay Award”. On the other hand, At SXSW Gaming Awards 2018, game won “Esports Game Of The Year Award”, “Excellence In Multiplayer Award” and “Trending Game Of The Year Award”. Most importantly, PUBG also won the award for “Mobile Game Of The Year Award” (PUBG Mobile).

PUBG For Pc Download System Requirements

  • CPU             Intel Core i3-4340 and AMD FX-6300
  • OS               Windows-7, Windows-8.1, Windows-10 (64Bit)
  • RAM             6 GB RAM Required
  • DirectX         DirectX Version 11
  • Free Disk      30 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required
  • Internet        Broadband Internet Connection Required
  • Video Card     NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2 GB and AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB

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