Tempest Citadel Pc Game Free Download Full Version Torrent

By | September 7, 2019

Tempest Citadel Pc Game Free Download

Tempest Pc Game strategic base-building simulation sci-fiction fighting game. Aart Form Games developed and published Tempest Citadel Pc Game Download.


Tempest Citadel Pc Game Free Download

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Tempest Citadel Video Game Release Date

Citadel Pc Game Free Download released on 17 April 2018. It released as Microsoft Windows version of Tempest Video Game Full Version.

Tempest Citadel Video Game Gameplay

Tempest Citadel: a base building, simulation and sci-fiction game set in a storm ruled planet. The players build a mighty Citadel in the clouds. It provides shelter for their unique and mysterious 100 crew members. Tempest Torrent crew members are soldiers, Scavengers, workers, researchers or medical experts.  They explore and conquer the deadly dangerous planet below. For Full Citadel Torrent Gameplay Visit Tempest Citadel Youtube

Tempest Citadel Pc Gameplay

Player of Citadels Game Online assumes the role of a mysterious Captain from Terra. In Citadel Game player starts the mission of exploring a deadly dangerous planet. It wondrous and terrible as well as unknown powers. Explore the research of over 200 research items, enhance the crew Perks and psionic abilities. Tempest Video Game players collect the resources. The primary goal in Tempest Citadel Video Game Download is to explore the surface of the planet. Planet which ruled by the storms. You pick the spots to explore, set missions. And send your best squads to explore these mysterious places, weather, and opponent enemies. In Tempest Citadel Highly Compressed you must be prepared every time. Because as the squad lands on the surface the battle with unknown powers starts automatically. These enemy forces hide within the clouds. They are hungry for the blood of the weak and foolish enemies.


Tempest Citadel Free Download

Tempest Citadel Gameplay

Citadel Video Game Entertaining Gameplay

Tempest Video Game Download tests your abilities to build, grow and risk enough to stand against the unknown and mysterious enemy of the deadly mysterious planet. The big focus in Tempest Video Game must be on your production. And research as well as your attack squad and your city defense. For that purpose, you must use your sci-fi weapons, armor. And all the other resources you have to survive and defeat the enemy.


Tempest Video Game player can make bio-enhanced super soldiers, exosuit wearing assault troopers or psychic storm waves. Meanwhile, The key to success is to choose the right tool at the right time for the victory. However, In Tempest Torrent with a large crew to manage you have options to auto-equip based on a role. When you resupply with new weapons and armor your crewmember choose the best for their role.

Tempest Citadel Review

Tempest Citadel Video Game Review received were generally mixed reviews. Meanwhile, Sirus Gaming gives Tempest Citadel Pc Download a score of 5/10. However, On Steam Tempest Citadel Free Download received a score of 6/10. GameWatcher said, ” Tempest Citadel Pc Game Free Download a charming. On the other hand, The story-driven title that channels some of the best elements of non-starship based sci-fi”. Furthermore, IndieToaster said “Tempest Citadel Pc Download a complete experience. Therefore, It shows how much effort the development team put into their project”. Killa Penguin said, “Tempest Citadel Highly Compressed an addictive balance of player-friendly design and challenge”.


Tempest Citadel Pc Download

Tempest Citadel System Requirements

  • CPU                   1.0 GHz and Above
  • OS                      Windows-XP
  • RAM                 1 GB RAM Required
  • DirectX            DirectX Version 9.0c
  • Video Card     DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D Card with Shader Model 3.0
  • Free Hard       3 GB Free Hard Disk Space Required

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Tempest Citadel Pc Game Free Download
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